the 22

“The 22” is up at The Legendary.

The 22

Saturday, December 23.  Motel 6 – Room 143. 


Jim Chase, 58, lanky with blonde crew cut, sits wrapped in a towel on his bed, talking on the room phone.  The towel has holes in it.  The air conditioner is loud and on high.  Jim’s face is flush and he coughs incessantly. 

“I just want some fresh towels sent up!” Jim says into the phone.  “This is the third time I’ve called.  How fucking difficult is it to just get some goddamn towels?! Thank you.”

Jim hangs up.  Peripherally, a blue jay lands outside his motel room window.  But Jim doesn’t see the blue jay, because Jim has no peripheral vision; which is to say that if you came at him straight on, he’d see you fine, but if you approached him from the side, he wouldn’t even register you as existing.  From the side, you would be the perfect, invisible ninja. 


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