the funny sketch

“The Funny Sketch” is up at Swink.

The Funny Sketch

Scene:  Entranceway of an immense Victorian mansion.  There is a large scoreboard, which reads:  US and THEM.  BISQUIK, an ancient butler with a whistle around his neck, answers the door.  RAWLINS, dapper, roguish, enters.

 RAWLINS:  Hello, Bisquik!  (noticing audience) Well!  Look at the size of that one!

BISQUIK:  Madame!  Mr. Kee-Ko-Keddy-Qua-Triple-Dring-Dram-Drop-Glop-Gliddy-Glo-Glum-Bertrand Rawlins.  The third. Esquire. (Rawlins throws him a glance)  Funniest Man Alive.

MADAME SPIRITGUM, obese yet elegant, enters. 

MADAME:  Rawlins!  Funniest Man Alive!


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