the smoking lounge

“The Smoking Lounge” is up at The Legendary.

The Smoking Lounge

I am the fat chick and I live in the Smoking Lounge.  It’s the last day before Winter Break, snowing lightly, and I’m here in the Smoking Lounge, smoking.  Skipping all my classes, having a good time of it.  Funny that the school even has a Smoking Lounge.  They don’t have a “Getting Drunk” or a “Shooting Up” lounge.  But they have this.  My sweet little home away from home.

I am she-who-wields-the-Bic-lighter and all know it.  My best friend, Cathy, is here.  Like me, Cathy is also grossly unpopular.  She does, however, have a mouth like a garbage disposal:  a plus in my eyes.  She hates most everyone in the school and has been knocked up twice (that I’m aware of).  Otherwise, she has the soul (and pipes) of an angel.  more

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