“Balance” has been published at BluePrintReview.


The twitch is under my left eye. 

The twitch is less pronounced right now, but it’s there.  Subtle.  Sublime.  Alive.  Less noticeable.  But there.  A tic.  A twitch.  A muscle spasm.  It floated around different parts of my body for awhile, vacationing atop my right hand between thumb and forefinger then surfing along various parts of my face before affixing itself – about a week and a half ago – to the fleshy curve beneath my left eye. 

I recognize that it’s hard to look at me with this twitch.  It’s not a blemish you can put make-up over.  And because it’s so there, front and center, tilting your head or giving a profile does nothing.  You could wear sunglasses all day.  But that’s not a real solution.  So, you try to relax and breathe and hope that when you have to face people, one-on-one, that your God is a loving compassionate God and that your eentsy facial tremors recede.  Rarely though, do things work out so conveniently.   more

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