if an article falls in the woods…

So, I had a short piece, “Reading Group Guide” pubbed in this nice, online humor site, craniotomic.com back in August of last year. Very exciting. The graphics were pretty cool. Etc. And then the site goes defunct in less than six months. It’s barely Googleable (sp?) now, and when you go to craniotomic.com the first article is “Buy Zithromax Online & Save.” (Okay, the second article.) So then I’m thinking – now what do I do with the piece? Did it really actually get published? Is it kosher to send to other pubs, who distinctly want previously unpublished pieces? Eugh…

So, to make a long story short…here’s the piece in it’s entirety.

Also, here’s how they posted it.  Too bad, huh?  Wasn’t that just lovely?

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