reading group guide

For the purposes of group discussion, we present the following questions to help enrich and invigorate your reading.

1. OMG, what was that all about?

2. Why were there no orchids on the cover?

3. For that matter, why were there no orchids in the book?

4. Conjugate the entire novel.

5. Discuss the incessant use of the phrase “beer-goggles.”

6. Discuss the refreshing absence of Magic Realism.

7. Discuss my hat at length.

8. No, keep going.

9. Describe the elegant way old people dance.

10. Does anyone have any Kleenex?

11. At what point did you fall asleep and why?

12. Who is Chet Atkins? Who is Lord Vexing? Why weren’t they in the book?

13. Who brought the Babka? Wow, that was good! I can never make anything that good at my house. You bought it!? You didn’t! Really? Where?!

14. When Twyla says Gordo is “full of vinegar” – what the hell is she talking about? I mean, full of vinegar? Literally? Full of vinegar?

15. How could the “Plight of the Jews” have better informed this story?

16. Next time, can we please pick something with a few more chicks in it?

17. Screw men! HA HA HA HA HA! Oh, oh – not you, Bill. Sorry! You’re the exception. Damn, you look good tonight. I – did I say that out loud? Shut up, Carrie! I have not had too much too drink!

18. What was the significance of the – of – of – oh, oh forget it.

19. This is so nice. Is this teak?

20. What was the question?

21. Book club? Oh shit! I thought this was Bunco.

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