come home soon

My short story “Come Home Soon” is up at The Legendary.

Come Home Soon

Often I wake in the middle of the night with tremendous anxiety. I feel like the family is much larger – there are more kids and something is wrong. But who’s in charge? Where is the leader of the family? The parent? The father? Meaning my father – not me. But then I remember – in a flash – I’m the senior person here – the Daddy. But I panic even more. Why? What’s wrong? Is everyone okay? And then I remember – it’s just us. Just me and Jake and Kit. (And my mom half the time.) And that’s it. Everyone’s fine. The anxiety passes. For a couple days, anyway.

The house is a mess. I try to keep it straight but I’m fighting against my base instincts. I know I have to do laundry, give Kit baths. I know I could let my mom do it. But it’s not right. No, I just have to regimen myself. Do it. Must be what it’s like to be divorced – except I can’t date on the side. Not that I’d have the energy to.


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