the quiet car

My piece The Quiet Car is up at Fiction 365.

The Quiet Car

“Ladies and gentlemen,” blares the intercom, “as a reminder, Car 482 is the quiet car. Please refrain from cell phone usage, converse in subdued tones, and respect your fellow passengers.”

The quiet car is that remote island floating in an endless, overcrowded sea of train platforms, subways, waiting areas, and commuters. Peace, isolation, decompression. The opportunity to go deep deep within yourself to find your place of perfect bliss.

The quiet car is my sanctuary.

I wish I could be more desensitized. But frankly I’m pretty desensitized as is. When I first moved to Westfield the anonymity was exhilarating. But ten years later, after endless little league games, and good-standing synagogue membership, all indistinction is gone. You can’t get on a train without seeing three to five people you know.


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