dr. downey


My new piece, Dr. Downey, is up at Saturday Night Reader.

Here’s an excerpt.

“I don’t like Dr. Russell,” said Mrs. Epstein.  “There’s something off about him!”

Dr. Paula Downey, 63, the Co-Head of the Physical Therapy Unit at Hillside Medical smiled, nodded, and continued gently manipulating Candy Epstein’s tender, arthritic right leg.  Candace, a sweet, nosy octogenarian, had had a relatively mild dust-up with three other cars on the parkway six months ago.  After her initial recovery period, she had come to Dr. Downey for weekly therapy sessions.  Except for the brittleness of age, her injury was relatively mild – but her weekly therapy sessions – which included stretching, pulling, complaining about pains, getting weekly meds and generally dishing the dirt – had become the highlight of her week.


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