15 best things about yom kippur


  • Rabbi promised this year’s service much more fun and upbeat
  • Great time to brush up on your ABCs of Sin
  • JC Penney having its annual Day O’ Sufferin’ White Sale
  • One day of year that you get to make your “A-Toney the Tiger” joke
  • Infidelities from previous six months pretty much taken care of now
  • Fewer candy wrapper sounds than at regular service
  • Terrific time to really read all 3,259 memorial plaques in temple hallway
  • Silent Prayer – good time to think about all the bacon and shellfish you’ll be eating at break fast
  • Silent Prayer – great time to imagine Cantor suddenly breaking into Battle of Evermore
  • Pre-paid ambulances ready and waiting for post-break fast heart attacks and food comas
  • Fasting and gorging good practice for future anorexics
  • Fun visit from Yom Kippur Kevin and his Big’ Bag O’ Guilt
  • Having to explain to older folks that YK is not a virus that will attack their computer
  • Going into confessional booth to tell the Rabbi your sins
  • You waited all year to hear the Shofar and now, finally – wait, what?

12 best things about rosh hashanah


Fewer Manischewitz-related DUIs this year.

Party hats good all year round.

Another chance to join elite “I Slept in Temple” club.

Dirge-like tunes actually increase lifespan.

Great day to reflect on poor, horn-less rams everywhere.

Highly fortuitous time to rob houses en masse when all Jews simultaneously called to temple.

Opportunity to resent fellow Jewish co-worker who took day off to go bowling.

Finally get to re-use handicap parking tag from when Grandma broke leg three years ago.

Seeing how many middle-age men yell “Tequi-la!” when Cantor blows shofar.

After 3 days of non-stop prayer, Apple beside itself with excitement.

When ball drops at midnight, everyone yelling Happy 5775!

Awareness that Rabbi can’t wait for it to end either.