last chance to help the #$@!# bicycle boys!


Just a reminder that you have mere hours left!!! (until midnight tonight) to purchase Bicycle Boys and/or Miserable Holiday Stories  and have  all proceeds (after Amazon takes their cut) donated to Newark Renaissance House! – a specialized therapeutic community designed to meet the unique needs of adolescents, and men and women who are suffering from the affects of substance abuse. Since 1975, Newark Renaissance House has been saving thousands of lives, one day at a time.

And at a measly 99c/$1.99 – wouldn’t you want to do that?

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Click here to order Miserable Holiday Stories.

For more information on Newark Renaissance House, please go to

k-rope now on wattpad!


Famed inventor Harvard Kleinman came out of retirement Sunday to celebrate the 70th anniversary of his illustrious K-Rope.  At a special ceremony held at Newark Penn Station, Mayor Booker praised the apparatus, citing its historical impact on transportation in Newark, the United States, and across the globe.

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crossword puzzles rejected by the new york times #1

A few summers ago I was briefly obsessed with trying to get a crossword puzzle into the New York Times.  I submitted two and then called it a day.  For the one below, I did get a nice response from Will Shortz’ assistant telling me that “Not everyone would remember this hit by the Zombies, and for anyone who doesn’t, the theme wouldn’t be much fun.”  So, this is for all of you folks who remember hits by the Zombies.  Especially, this one.

ps – this puzzle was meant to be a Thursday puzzle for the NYT, and as such has a (somewhat difficult) gimmick.  This puzzle makes no bones about being in the same league with the truly excellent puzzles presented in the Times.  This is just the one I made.   Answer is posted below.


pdf version

the puzzle solved