published work

Plrknib in print and as a Kindle e-book at Amazon

P. King Duckling at Disney Jr.

Two Apple Pies at Gi60

Harry Potter Grows Up at The Big Jewel

Clarity at New Pop Lit (Pushcart Prize nomineeGlimmer Train Very Short Fiction Award finalist 2015)

The Bone Nest at Defenestrationism

Album at MidAmerican Fiction & Photography

All the Comforts at The Zodiac Review

Barb at The Big Jewel

Dick and Liza in New Pop Lit (Pushcart Prize nominee)

Rejected Ben & Jerry’s Passover Flavors at McSweeney’s

Tundra at Blue Skirt Productions

Dr. Downey at Saturday Night Reader

Mrs. Harris at New Pop Lit

The K-Rope at Wattpad, and Corvus

Ace and Me at Gi60

The Brittany Clarke Interview at Back Hair Advocate

Miserable Holiday Stories as a Kindle e-book at Amazon

The #$@!# Bicycle Boys Save Christmas, Again! at Hobo Pancakes (halfway down the page) and as your very own Kindle e-book at Amazon

Bankrupt at Bethlehem Writers Roundtable

Brownie Mix in Dysfunctional Family Story (Glimmer Train Very Short Fiction Award finalist 2013)

Julian in eFiction

Her Day Off at Litro

Reethe Cupth at winamop

Sleep Tight at G(hosts)i60

Gypsy at The Big Jewel

The Quiet Car at Fiction 365

Toys at Flash Across Borders

Come Home Soon at The Legendary

Nothing at Gi60

Airport Security Memories at Hobo Pancakes

Maggie at Gi60

Reading Group Guide at Craniotomic

Balance at BluePrintReview (nominated for 2012 Million Writers Award)

The Smoking Lounge at The Legendary

The Funny Sketch at Swink

Polonius is Dead at The Big Jewel

Untitled (One-Sentence Story) at MonkeyBicycle

The 22 at The Legendary

Plrknib (excerpt) at The Rumpus

50 Unanswered Questions on Lost at Yankee Pot Roast

Stuck on the Grid performed by Dylan Brody

Big Books with Pictures at PopImage

Halloween Required Reading at PopImage

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