on writing a memoir


I’ve been serializing my story of doing stand-up in high school, 35 years ago, over at www.plrknib.com.  We’re up to about 25 chapters so far.

Plrknib is a memoir.  And initially I was uncomfortable about writing it that way.  I could have easily written it as fiction, but decided to keep it as a memoir for one simple reason:  the place I performed regularly at – d.w. eye – and all the comics who played there were real.  Are real.  The club, itself, no longer exists and some of the comics have left us as well.  But many are going strong today.

Drew Hastings performs regularly and is mayor of Hillsboro, OH.  Chili Challis performs regularly and teaches comedy at well-revered “dojos” across the Midwest.  Will Durst has been going strong beating the crap out of both political parties, lately.  Bob Lambert, Rico Diaz, Chip Chinery, Riggi, Roger.  Most still write or perform, at least occasionally.  The list goes on and on.

So, while I was certainly capable of fictionalizing the story – it seemed criminal not to celebrate the people who were so incredibly inspiring to me when I was a stupid teenager.

So, it’s a memoir.  Real.  True.

And once upon a time we were giants.

i’d make a lousy superhero


I realize I’d make a lousy superhero.  I’m way too much of a jerk.

If I had super speed, for example, I’d probably offer some kid a super speed ride to Paris or Egypt – and then when we got there I’d do something obnoxious like – fake sprain my ankle –

Oh!  Oh!  Ow!  Ow!  It hurts! 

And the kid would be all freaked out – panicky, and crying.  And I’d say something stupid like,

“Man – we better call your parents to pick you up.  Hope they’ve got frequent flyer miles!”

halloween required reading

PopImage – Halloween Required Reading – 2004

From my days as Reviews Editor at the lovely (but pretty much defunct) comics-related website www.popimage.com.  A list of what I considered required horror reading back in 2004.  I can think of at least 10 other books that are equally as good that are out right now – especially the newer collections of Ditko’s Charlton work (particularly The Thing), half a dozen vertigo books, Alan Moore’s Neonomicon (excellent stuff), and maybe a couple David Lapham pieces (very much liked his Caligula). Oh, and manga-wise, Junji Ito’s Uzumaki.

So, yeah, this list is pretty old school, but I think it holds up nicely.